Issue #09: Modernity Stew

Issue #09: Modernity Stew

Written & Performed by Austin Rich, Ellen Klowden & neveryman, containing interviews with Brian Hart, Karen Holman & Jason Ramey.

Issue #9, produced in July of 2020, featuring a potpourri of stories, which includes, “Relentless Pursuit,” “Jason’s New Hobbies,” “applewipe5,” and “A few thoughts on decoding Fake News through the work or artists.”   

Musical Selections (usually in excerpt):

Misty * Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet * Savvy Show Stoppers * Glass Records (1988)
Chloe [Excerpt] * Spike Jones & His City Slickers * Thank You, Music Lovers * RCA Victor (1960)
Venus * Television * Marquee Moon * Elektra Records (1977)


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