The Adventures of Marcus Little

Now you can enjoy The Adventures of Marcus Little on Somewhere In-Between: A Radio ‘Zine… all six episodes! It’s our holiday gift to you… with a new frame story set in the Littleverse!


Part I: The Fortuneteller at Hap’s Cafe

The Adventure begins, as Marcus begins his case. But which case, exactly, is he on?


Part II: The Secret of Mariner State Hospital

Marcus explores a place he’s been to before, only to find that new and other dangers are now lurking within.


Part III: The Ape and The Blue Parrot

New locations and old faces are on the agenda for Mr. Little this even as he is faced with a truth that almost no one is ready for.

Part IV: The Nightlife In Century City

Retracing his steps in an effort too back his way into the real story, Marcus finds himself faced with more insight into something he hopes he can change.


Part V: Trouble at The Old Pink Dog Saloon

One last stop – at a tavern and then a library – allows Marcus to finally put all the pieces of the puzzle into place. But the image he sees in the end is something no one wants to face.


Part VI: The Final Problem

What do you do when you’ve reached the end? How does anything end, when all is said and done?